At Drums & Flats we want to be as transparent as possible when sharing what we have put in place to minimise any potential risk from COVID-19.

The following practices are based on official government guidelines, Public Health England (PHE) data and more specific advice applicable to the food industry. The guidelines cover the variety of ways in which someone may interact with Drums & Flats.


We regularly review these practices with the last review taking place on 4/6/2020

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Although it is very unlikely you can catch COVID-19 from food, to keep our customers & employees safe we have implemented the following in addition to Boxpark’s own initiatives.

For Customers:

 – Only contactless card payments are accepted

 – Clear signs on where to stand are laid down in order to comply with social distancing recommendation of 2 metres (where possible)

 –Where to order and where to collect your food is clearly indicated. Food is not permitted to be handed directly to customers. It must be placed on the counter by staff then picked up by the customer

 – Condiments are pre-portioned into individual lidded pots under hygienic conditions

All serving utensils & packaging are disposable

For Employees:

 –Updated full COVID-19 Risk Assessment is in place

 –Food safety management system has been updated to reflect more regular cleaning

 Staff  regularly wipe down ‘touch points’ (frequently touched surfaces & objects)

 –Appropriate PPE is provided and is never in short supply. This includes disposable gloves, disposable aprons, individual hand sanitiser & masks where appropriate 

 –Staff regularly wash their hands for 20 seconds using disposable paper towels

 –All staff are trained to recognise COVID-19 symptoms and the correct protocol if feeling unwell 


 –PHE has advised people receiving parcels are not put at any additional risk of contracting COVID-19. However, as we sell a range of products online it is still our responsibility to process orders in the safest  way possible.

 –Any staff displaying symptoms will be told to self-isolate in accordance with government guidelines and have no part in the processing of any order until the period of self-isolation is completed

 –Drums & Flats products are handled with disposable gloves in environments where hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities are available